Monday, November 26, 2007

Post Thanksgiving - Pre Christmas

Clearly new to this as I thought I posted this just a minute ago. Hate when that happens.
OK, did great over Thanksgiving, didn't touch the turkey and stuffing. Trust me not an easy task with all the great food we had. It was a wonderful time for family and food. I was amazed at the positive comments I received on some of my raw dishes. The support felt great. So.....on to the next holiday.

With Christmas approaching many of us will be shopping for presents for our loved ones and food to feed them. Let's keep in mind our planet earth during this season. What a great gift to give not only ourselves but our planet.....banish the plastic bag. Use cloth re-usable bags for all your shopping. Your small thought will mean a huge difference. Read the link below and check out the plastic bag facts.

I found this on the link (see my favorite links to the left). Great website I encourage all to visit

Until next time.


shannonmarie said...

Hey sugarsnap, I agree with you about bringing your own bags. I have quite a stash that I take along with me everywhere. My husband finds it embarrassing, but it doesn't stop me.

Looking forward to your next post - hint, hint :-)


Adam and Raechell said...

I just put a post of my bring-a-long bag on my blog! LOL We are all finding this a good thing. Awesome.